Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Paul gets some surf coaching from Mike on the Kettle ledge. Dad Dan in the eddy above.

Mike Squared, Kayak 101 instructor Mike on the left, and Kayak 101 instructor Mike on the right.
Dreamy Jimmie J. Good on the water AND in the Kitchen...

Paul, soon to be "transforming" a wave near you...

Bill, Rosie, and Carolyn grab some lunch - Paul peeking over Carolyn's shoulder.
The Three Muskateers, Chuck, Bill, and Kirk, hang out for their turn to practice C-turns, S-Turns, and ferries.

Kayaker Chicks Carolyn and Rosie ready to hit the water.

Two of the usual suspects, Chuck and Kirk.

Three groups of Kayak 101 making ready at Maple Island.